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Cost-effective Expansion

Build-to-Suit leasing with a qualified, trusted development partner can bring tremendous benefits:

  • Lower start up costs, smaller initial investment, no financing fees.
  • Preserve access to capital, can be used for additional growth, investment, or to increase working capital.
  • Lease payments on an asset are generally tax deductible.
  • Leasing can facilitate maintaining compliance with bank covenants.

NovaSource delivers value as your preferred developer.

  • Expertise and specialization - The NovaSource team of dedicated professionals includes experts in a variety of areas. We have the skills and the experience to take your project from conceptualization to completion.
  • Financial resources - We have sufficient financial strength to fund the development of multiple projects. Our capital funding structure is designed to optimize your lease rates.
  • Innovative strategies and cost savings - NovaSource can help you determine which growth strategy is right for the needs of your business. We utilize competition, buying power, and economies of scale to your advantage. In many cases, we can create assemblages or take down larger parcels and subdivide. This allows us to manufacture suitable sites in a given retail corridor that are not otherwise available.
  • Competitive lease rates - Our goal is to build a lasting and sustainable relationship with proven retail concepts by delivering value in each transaction. With competitive lease rates, our clients are more likely to recognize sustainable operating efficiencies.
  • Cost-effective growth - NovaSource development solutions can accelerate development time frames, decreased total project costs, lower lease rates, and often lead to an increased appetite for growth.


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